At the origin of the French brand Anders Arens, there is the designer Pierre Untas. He imagines a brand of luxury, responsible and local handcrafted clothing, which reinvents a certain French know-how. Pierre falls under the spell of linen, a plant with unequaled ecological and qualitative properties.

Trained in haute-couture techniques, he offers small productions with meticulous finishes and entirely handmade in his workshop in southwest.

Sobriety and aesthetics will be the watchwords of the brand.

Mixture of its Scandinavian, German and French origins, the unique Anders Arens style is born. It combines minimalism of the cut, sobriety of colors and discreet details.

It borrows from its region of heart, Biarritz, references to surfing and nature. Clean and timeless silhouettes are emerging, which depending on the occasion take on a casual or elegant allure.

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