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  • Adieu

    The essence of Adieu channels both simplicity and excellence. A novel interpretation of men’s footwear which root in informal elegance « à la française » and in the British casualness of  teddy boys. Gérard Philippe donning Joe Strummer ‘s well-polished creepers, hammering home ever louder : « but nothing is less like a thing than that which is closest to it » 


    Album di Famiglia is an Italian brand that offers collections combining comfort and elegance, in quality materials and neutral tones. It is timeless clothing, designed to be worn at all ages, to become an extension and the testimony of the person. These elements are out of fashion and embody an idea of luxury that is no longer based on appearance and externality, but on substance and quality.


    Depuis 1970, ALESSANDRO GHERARDI est une maison italienne spécialisé dans la fabrication à la main et en Italie de chemises de très haute qualité dans la plus pure tradition sartorial. De la construction du col, au montage asymétrique de la manche, jusqu'aux plus infimes détails de couture, chaque chemise et chaque tissu est traité et fabriqué avec un soin et une attention particulièrement affutée pour donner à chaque pièces une vestibilité et un confort parfait. Une exigence de sur-mesure dans une production prête à porter.


    Aliita is a jewelry brand with feminine, elegant, minimalist and a fun twist. The brand name means « important object » in Wayuu, the native language of the Guajiros, a tribe whose ancestral lands are located in Zuli, Venezuela, where the founder of the brand Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni grew up.
  • Álvaro González

    Álvaro González the Spanish-born, London and Florence-based designer, has a career spanning 20 years designing accessories behind the scenes for major European luxury houses. Richly coloured calf, alligator and stingray skins expressly developed by specialist tanneries have been crafted into sandals, belts, small leather goods and bags by select artisanal workshops around Florence.


    At the beginning of the French brand Anders Arens, there is the designer Pierre Untas. He wanted to create a luxury craftsmanship prêt-à-porter brand, local and responsible, which reinvents a kind of traditional French « savoir-faire ». Pierre falls in love with linen, a plant with ecological and qualitative amazing properties.
    Trained with haute-couture technics, he wants to offer limited quantities collections with neat finishing touches and entirely hand made in his south-west of France studio.
    Sobriety and aesthetics are the key words of the Anders Arens brand.
    Mixed with his Scandinavian, German and French origins, the unique Anders Arens style was born. It mixes minimalism of the cut, sobriety of the colors and discreet details.
    He borrows from his region of heart, Biarritz, references to surfing and nature. Sleek and timeless silhouettes are born, which can become casual or elegant depending on the occasion.
  • Ann Demeulemeester

    With a close attention to detail and use of cutting-edge techniques and materials, Ann Demeulemeester consistently produces pieces that are distinctive and instantly recognizable. She began by drawing influence from gothic, punk, and Japanese styles while still remaining true to her own ideas.

    Anthony Delon can make concessions with others, but not with himself. It's a brand that lived in 1985 and is reborn from the ashes. It takes its source in what makes him vibrate. A time, films, real heroes, or others, come out of the imagination of some directors, the nature, the great spaces that recharge his battery and in which he can be contemplative or meditate. This collection is the image of what he likes, his ambivalences, a deep love for life and a defiance towards death. It corresponds to a vital need to create what he has always had in him.


    After studying at the renowned London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, Edgardo Osorio went on to learn his trade at megabrands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Sigerson Morrison and Roberto Cavalli. In 2011, after ten years working at some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, he launched his own luxury footwear label, Aquazzura. Osorio takes inspiration from traditional European quality and craftsmanship, combining it with resolutely modern design. In just a few short years, Aquazzura has become one of the most coveted footwear labels in the world, with styles such as the ‘Sexy Thing’ and ‘Seduce Me’ modern-day icons in their own right.

  • Balenciaga

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    Baron Papillon is an independent brand

    luxury sneakers made in France

    Parisiennes at heart, made on the banks of the Loire,

    our sneakers combine craftsmanship and technical innovations,

    to a sensitive and creative aesthetic.

    Aware of the ecological challenges of sustainable production,

    Baron Papillon chooses French know-how to offer you exceptional sneakers.

  • BEGG & CO

    Founded in Paisley in 1866 and now based in Ayr, Begg & Co is quintessentially Scottish. The revered label handcrafts premium scarves from the finest materials, including plush wool and cashmere.


    If only one name was needed to summarize the over 150 years of the house, it would be Thomas Burberry, its creator. Far from the brand's glam image, Burberry took flight in 1856 when the young prodigy opened his first boutique in Basingstoke, in the British province of Hampshire. It was in 1920 that the house imposed its codes and made Scottish tartan the leitmotif of its collections. Burberry becomes synonymous with timeless trench with inimitable tiles. Today, the brand is admired by an international clientele for its revisited classics and its clever balance between elegant and utilitarian designs and a contemporary approach.


    Carel knew, from its beginnings, touch the hearts of women. Thanks to a discreetly elegant sense of allure, the brand has made its classic models - ballerinas, pumps and even strappy babies - essentials, created to last.

  • Céline

    These products cannot be sold in our E-shop. For any further information about, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm) or by mail. Find all the contact details in the “contact us” section of our website.


    Former student of the Studio Bercot in Paris, Charlotte Chesnais worked with Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga for 9 years before launching a jewelry line under her name.

    Her handmade creations combine graphic and fluid lines, whose apparent simplicity is a decoy. Never a loop, a bracelet or a ring have had this shape before.

    Chimala specializes in high quality, artisanally–crafted denim made from meticulously selected fabric. The Japanese brand produces its singular line in head designer Noriko Machida’s workshop, where denim skirts, shirts, and jeans undergo special treatments to create the brand’s signature authentic washes and vintage inspired fits.

  • Chloé

    Chloé is a French fashion house founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. Aghion later joined forces with Jacques Lenoir in 1953, formally managing the business side of the brand, allowing Aghion to purely pursue the creative growth of Chloé. Its headquarters are located in Paris, France. The house is owned by luxury brands holding company Richemont Group. Chloé has worn by many celebrities, including Marion Cotillard, Sienna Miller, Madonna, January Jones, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Clémence Poésy and Katie Holmes.


    Christian Wijnants is a designer that stands for modern luxury and innovative designer clothing. 

    The collections are based on inventive knitwear, colorful prints and fluid dressing with a feminine style and poetic approach.


    Born from a family of jewelers, the Greek designer Chistina Soubli gets her inspiration from classic and animal shapes to create feminine and delicate pieces, enhanced by precious materials. During her studies at the prestigious St Martin School of London, she discovered the art of filigree, an ancient technique that consists of interlacing metal threads to create very fine works. The filigree is a source of inspiration for Christina Soubli for her first success: the Lace collection, which is made of pieces with pure lines and with sensual shapes, made in 18 carats gold. Thought like skin jewelry, her creations are the reflection of the personality of each woman, oscillating between innocence and seduction.

  • Church's

    The founding family’s shoemaking roots date back to 1675 as artisanal traditions and an unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship have been passed down from one family member and artisan to the next.

    Church’s shoes are constructed with the world-renowned Goodyear method that allows for refurbishment – even the most worn in pair will come back looking like new. In terms of aesthetic, the classic elegance of their design – some models have been around for over a century – is a trend that never goes out of style. The integrity of Church’s, both as a brand and as a product, lies in its timelessness and its ability to transcend time, age and generations.


    La Maison Robert Clergerie is a French heritage brand, with roots dating back to 1895, that is celebrated for its innovative designs and unique reinterpretation of classics for the modern, discerning audacious woman and man.

  • Comme des Garçons

    Japanese leading-edge brand Comme des Garçons is well-known for its visionary approach to design.  Innovative touches like asymmetric tailoring are offset by understated details, expect striking, oversized silhouettes and deconstructed styles. 

  • Current Elliott

    Born from a partnership between CURRENT/ELLIOTT chief creative officer Serge Azria and stylist duo Emily Current and Merritt Elliott, the collection fuses innovative designs with a desire to create a beautifully tailored product. CURRENT/ELLIOTT has become a brand defined by authenticity and sophistication.

  • Dolce&Gabanna

    Founded in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the fashion house is based on the complementarity of its two designers. 
  • Douce Gloire

    Born in a family of renowned glove makers, Inès Lafarge was immersed in her childhood in a universe of fashion, noble materials and colors.

    Dean and Dan Caten, twin brothers from Willowdale in Toronto, started their path in fashion at the Parson’s School of Design in New York City in 1984. Eight years later, the Canadian duo moved to Italy with their sights set on creating their brand. After collaborating with some of Italy’s most celebrated fashion houses, in 1995 the designers presented their first men’s collection under the label Dsquared2. The presentation marked the debut of Dsquared2’s runway show extravaganzas, which captured the attention of journalists and buyers from around the world.


    ÉCOLE DE CURIOSITÉS creates sustainably conscious design with refined craftsmanship
    that revitalizes classic individuality.  The utility of the creations rewards the senses: an enjoyment of beauty and satisfaction that lasts a lifetime.
     ÉCOLE DE CURIOSITÉS was born in Paris, in the fall of 2016.


    Editions M.R is a parisian brand which was established in 2007 and exclusively dedicated to menswear. The designers, Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane founded their brand with the idea of offering a reinterpretation of menswear: Behind Editions M.R, these ideas shape season after season a man with a chic and nonchalant profile, at the same time classic and contemporary. 

  • Extreme Cashmere X

    Maybe you have heard of us, maybe you haven’t. We are extreme cashmere, an Amsterdam-based brand that creates the ultimate cashmere wardrobe. We specialise in high quality cashmere. We don’t do collections, we don’t do seasons, we don’t do genders, we don’t do sizes. Our aim is to create garments, designed to be used and loved for a long time, meant for everybody and every body. Our reinvented classic styles in surprising colours and shapes are suited for all seasons and all occasions, unisex, unisize and made to last.


    Une vrai leçon de sensualité italienne à porter autour du cou, jour après jour, été comme hiver… Implantée dans la région de Florence en Toscane, la famille Sarti fait partie des plus grands tisseurs italiens depuis 1949 et la beauté de ses étoffes a séduit de grandes maisons comme Chanel ou Ann Demeulemeester. Prenant la suite de son grand-père Faliero, Monica crée le département accessoires en 1991 avec une collection d'écharpes, d'étoles, de châles et de chèches plus irresistibles les uns que les autres. Nobles et luxueuses, les matières déclinent le cashmere, la soie, le lin et les laines les plus fines sur tous les tons. Teintes poudrées, couleurs éclatantes, imprimés originaux inspirés de l'art ou de la nature, chaque collection est une merveille de raffinement.


    Fendi is a true jewel of luxury: with its lines of ready-to-wear and accessories in the sophisticated and glamorous style, the brand has been implanted worldwide for generations. The story begins in Rome in 1925, when the couple Adele and Eduardo Fendi decide to specialize in fur and leather goods. Fendi's creations gained popularity in the 1940s, first in Rome and then abroad. The brand knows a real expansion when the five daughters of Adele and Eduardo Fendi adhere to the family business. In 1965, they recruit Karl Lagerfeld, a young German designer, as artistic director of the brand, who has imposed Fendi as a reference in the world of ready-to-wear and luxury accessories, with a subtle blend of sobriety, class and exuberance.

  • Givenchy

    Combining dark romanticism and streetwear elements with the refinement of a Parisian couture house, the creative director of Givenchy, Mr Riccardo Tisci, creates men's collections which are progressive and stylish.

    Tisci’s fusion of athletic and aristocratic elements defines Givenchy’s innovative "street couture" aesthetic.


    Helmut Lang started working in fashion in the 90's and became an iconic brand thanks to his minimalist designs, tailored suits, flat-front pants and low-rise jeans. Today, four words define its style : construction, utilitarian, tailoring and design.

  • Hogan

    Hogan was founded in 1986 and is part of the Italian luxury group Tod’s S.p.A. Hogan’s unique and innovative vision of casual luxury for every occasion translates perfectly into a contemporary lifestyle, where quality and style are always valued. Sophisticated shoes, with an essential, innovative design, flawlessly combine functionality and informal elegance. Crafted with materials of extraordinary quality, Hogan shoes become timeless pieces that keep their value season after season.

  • HOPE

    HOPE is a Swedish fashion brand with a passion for high-quality garments that inspire and emphasize individual style. In 2001, HOPE founders Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg launched their first women’s collection. Featuring clean, cool looks with clear nods to classic menswear and utility pieces, the brand stood out from the romantic styles that characterized women’s fashion at the time. Since then, HOPE has been an original and unique option to the traditional fashion scene


    Issey Miyake was one of the first Japanese designers to organize a fashion show in Europe in 1973. He then worked for fashion houses Guy Laroche and Hubert de Givenchy before returning to his own couture house in Japan. It is inspired by contemporary Japanese technology and style.


    Simon Porte Jacquemus began his fashion career in 2008 following a family drama. He was twenty when he created his brand, being noticed thanks to several mini-happening during fashion show in Paris.
    His creations are simple, refined but structured with a sense of detail that will become his trademark, in a style he will describe himself as a "naive"

    "I thought the limit and I found the limitless", this thought testifies to the field of investigation in the constant search for the materials, their touches and colors and the elaborate finishes for each garment.
    J. Sebastien Vassal, created in 2008, is the result of a unique experience of more than thirty years in the design of clothing leather and skins and a great complicity maintained with passionate craftsmen met all over the world.


    Founded in 1968, the brand Jil Sander, named after its creator, is dedicated to elegance and femininity. Subtle details, irreproachable lines, minimalism and elegance are the key words of the founder of this house. Focusing on luxurious fabrics, she creates a perfect balance between reference silhouettes and modern silhouettes.


    The brand John Smedley represents the World’s Finest Knitwear. Established in 1784, it is the oldest manufacturing factory in the world, crafting beautiful, high quality garments that are designed to last, made in Britain and distributed the world over.


    After gaining creative experience in theatrical and fashion production, Ludovica Diligu founded Labo.Art in Milan in 2006 and started producing her first, though limited, fashion collections. Hailing from a family of architects, Ludovica was brought up in an atmosphere of research into lines, volumes and geometry, styles that form the basis of her highly qualified profession.

    This is the reason why her creations are more like wearable architecture. Moving to Berlin, the undisputed centre of the latest European artistic trends, whilst remaining a staunch supporter of
    “Made in Italy” production, has been the winning formula at the base of Ludovica’s success.

  • Lanvin

    Lanvin is the combination of assertive allure and French sophistication. The artistic director Alber Elbaz instills a little originality to its elegant and classic creations.


    Brooklyn-based designer Lauren Manoogian created her eponymous line in 2011, after mastering the various shades of fabrics at the Rhode Island School of Design. What started out as a collection of jewelry and knitwear eventually evolved into a full range of women's ready-to-wear. Guided by its know-how acquired abroad as well as by its African and South American approaches, Manoogian distinguishes itself by a creative approach which values ​​ancient artisanal fabrics, both organic and of ethical origin. On the one hand, quilted jackets, relaxed pants and plush supima cotton t-shirts in faded tones project an image of relaxed sophistication. On the other hand, oversized sweaters and iconic blanket-style scarves crafted in opulent alpaca, merino wool and cashmere nod to the label's classic knitwear.


    The history of Levi’s® is impossible to separate from the United States, where the Bvarian immigrant Levi Strauss had the idea, in 1873, to associate strong denim fabric to copper rivets, to create a robust and durable clothing for the workers.

     Worn by miners, cowboys, rebels, rock stars, presidents and everyday men and women, these pieces of clothes became essential in their everyday lives. But a Levi’s® clothing is more than that, it’s a form of self-expression that you wear in your own way,, witness of your story, of the shape of your body, of your memories and adventures.

     The Vintage Clothing line is gathering the emblematic does of the brand since its creation, using noble materials and ancestral know-how, while bringing a modern touch that will personalize even further your experience.


    Twenty years of creation signed Lina Audi, a lively and simplified version of forms based on ancestral know-how, that of the craftsmen of the Middle-East,

    and Lebanon in particular.

    At Liwan, each piece is unique, handmade, inspired by the past, adapted to the present, pared down, portable, timeless. The world of the Oriental Nomad unveiled.


    After a major career in fashion and fashion, Lionel Besiau landed in Tangiers to create his own men's fashion house, Maison ALLI with his partner, Alain Fleury.
    Will then become a new clothing line signed Lionel Besiau. A season-by-season collection of a very tangier dressing room full of finesse, style, elegant relaxation and fantasy that is very popular with a clientele in love with a singular and refined fashion. Details reminiscent of oriental couture with trimmings, embroideries on tunics or long shirts of Moroccan inspiration.


    The wax is the material that Maison Château Rouge prefers. The label, created by Youssouf and Mamadou Fofana, two Senegalese brothers barely thirty years old, settled in the famous African district of Paris, offers colorful pieces, mixing codes "couture" and tradition, popular African imagery and streetwear cut.

  • Maison Kitsuné

    Maison Kitsuné was founded in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, co-founders and creative directors. A trip to Japan inspired them to bring their passions together around a single concept: one-of-a-kind brand that unites fashion and music. 

    The name « Kitsuné » , meaning « fox » in Japanese and a symbol of versatility, struck them as the most obvious choice.

  • Maison Margiela

    Martin Margiela created Maison Margiela in 1988. Defined as iconoclastic, radical and experimentalist, the brand’s fundamental principals are recycling, renewing and transforming. Creativity is expressed as an unique thing challenging forms and rules.


    In 1936 Auguste Michel installs his hat-making store in Paris. Nearly 40 years later, while millineries and hat making stores close one after the other, he entrusts a couple of entrepreneurs who then founded the Maison Michel. Together they were able to bring the workshop among the most renowned couture houses, becoming a privileged partners of the haute couture world.
    In 1997, the CHANEL "Métiers d’art » branch, sensitive to the « savoir-faire » of the house, acquired the brand.  Under the leadership of Laeticia Crahay, Maison Michel inaugurates its eponymous line, while staying the official supplier of the luxury brands.
    Since 2015, the artistic leadership of the brand is ruled by Priscilla Royer, keeping a constant increasing success.

    Founded by Claude Trudon in 1643, Maison Trudon quickly became "Royal Wax Manufacture". Illuminating the walls of Versailles to the largest religious institutions, this institution has survived the centuries and continues to bequeath its legacy of know-how polished in time. From candle paste with perfect combustion and distinguished diffusion to hand-made glasses in Italy, each candle transports us to the world of this prestigious wax factory.


    “The youthfulness in my collection is in its sense of humor,” Marc Jacobs once said of his second label Marc by Marc Jacobs comprising ready-to-wear, cult bags and accessories aunched in 2000.

  • Marc Jacobs (THE)

    With its futuristic vision , Marc Jacobs knows precisely predict What women wish porter season after season. The graduate of the Parson School a Cree his mark in 1986 with son and his partner Robert Duffy collections are characterized SINCE BY Downtown style , details and sumptuous Impeccable construction.

  • Marni

    The Marni collections combine vivid patterns with playful silhouettes for a youthful and offbeat look. Creative Director Consuelo Castiglioni uses graphic prints, bold textures and hers hallmark artistic references to create eclectic fashion collections. Unconventional detailing lends an experimental, yet elegant, element to these pieces.

  • Marsèll

    Based in Milan, Marsèll specialises in handmade leather shoes which have at once contemporary appeal and a distinctly heritage-inspired aesthetic. The label’s easy shapes and creased, washed leather lends its shoes and boots an easy-going, Bohemian edge.

  • MELT

    Designer-travelers Emma Garcin and Jeanne Biehn Sall uphold traditional craftsmanship in their line Melt, established in 2011. Their shared passion for experimenting with original materials such as yak and camel yarn are evident in their luxurious scarves; all of which are hand woven on wooden looms in Nepal, where the culture and tradition perfectly reflects the brand's aesthetic.


    Inspired by her mother, Michaela learns to knit from an early age and launches her eponymous brand in Paris in 2010. Naturally, the word of the house revolves around knitting and her know-how. The classics of the women's wardrobe are revisited and embellished with a touch of fantasy with vibrant colors. Produced by an NGO in Bosnia-Herzegovine to preserve the dignity of women knitters, all pieces combine quality and respect for human living conditions.

  • MM6

    Received as the younger sister to pioneering fashion house Maison Margiela, the MM6 sub-line has defined itself by creating an updated set of New York-inspired design cues across its selection of couture clothing and accessories.

  • Moncler

    Founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, Moncler is now located in Italy. Over the course of the years the brand has merged style with ongoing technological research, which harnesses the knowledge of mountaineering experts. Moncler collections combine extreme needs with day-to-day city life. In 2003, Remo Ruffini took over the company of which he is now Chairman and CEO. 

  • Neil Barrett

    The Neil Barrett collections infuse clothing staples with a sleek modish feel characterized by crisp shapes, graphic prints and a palette of polished monochromes and understated neutral hues.


    Invented by Virgil Abloh, a former streetwear king who became fashion designer, the OFF-WHITE brand, which draws its inspiration from its creator’s urban background, displays luxury and artsy influences. The focus is made on the visuals, the architecture and the curves of his creations. He makes sure to highlight the narrow and exclusive aspect of his creations, inspired by the mode of operation of the biggest house of couture. OFF-WHITE is quickly becoming the fashion reference and the new must-have brand of USA celebrities. 

    Pantanetti is the Italian know-how since three generations. Obsessed by quality, concerned with aesthetics and tradition, but also with a look at the future and its changes, their collection is the result of a mix of creativity and know-how. Art objects skillfully molded by expert hands capable of handling, with the most exclusive work, the best leather and the best materials.


    “From time immemorial and in every culture, perfume has been about seduction and spirituality. With Parfum d’Empire, I wanted to bring it back its original meaning, its erotic and sacred origins. Amorous conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest: perfume is a conquest, perfume is an exploration.
    To give a contemporary expression to this tradition, I draw on the noblest of raw materials, but also on my emotions and on my intuition, because nothing is more universal than what is most intimate.
    The breath of the gods and the emotion of the flesh… My scents are an invitation to explore the most complex and mysterious of empires: the realm of the senses.”
    Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, creator of Parfum d'Empire.


    PHILIP KARTO is a French designer from Cannes.

    Artist in the soul, he uses several mediums to transmit his messages. From sculptures to collages, from fashion to jewelry, her passion lies in the process of transforming an already existing object into something new.

    Inspired by rock and roll, motorcycles and pop culture, the motto of this high-end leather brand is: Disassemble, Modify, Transform.

    Produced in limited quantities, disassembled, hand painted and reassembled with suede handles, exotic leather and silver details, Philip Karto products are handcrafted in its Miami workshops. Each skin has a unique pattern of "tiles" or scales, each item is unique.

  • Philippe Model

    PHILIPPE MODEL is the eponymous brand of the famous French designer who's been on the stage of fashion since 1981. The modern sneaker originated from the meeting between the "French genius"and Paolo Gambato. Designed down to the last detail, with invisible heel for women's version. Leather contrasts, highlighted details such as laces and shield. These are the elements that make these shoes so inimitable and irresistible. Season after season, the PHILIPPE MODEL collection is enriched with new models and special editions. PHILIPPE MODEL makes any men's and women's look complete by blending 100% made in Italy craftsmanship with French bon ton.


    Piazza Sempione is a line of ready-to-wear fashion that tells the story of contemporary elegance and femininity, combining the value of innovation and the Italian tailoring tradition.

    The brand takes its name from the square in Milan where the first collection was presented in 1991.

    Thanks to its minimalist and refined style, conceived for a woman who likes to stand out including through what she wears, the project was immediately appreciated by the most prestigious boutiques and department stores in the world, attracted by the uniqueness of a product with strong bonds to Italian culture and excellence.

  • PLAN C

    After years at the head of the special projects of the Marni house founded by her mother, Carolina Castiglioni freed herself and launch her own label, Plan C. Grouping two yearly collections of prêt-à-porter, knit and accessories, this one translate a contemporary view of the style.
  • Red Valentino

    Valentino was founded by Valentino Garavani in 1957. The brand is synonymous of Italian elegance and extremely fine work. Ready-to-wear and accessories collections characterized by delicate detailing and derstated embellishments. 

  • Rick Owens

    Rick Owens is an american fashion designer who was born in 1962. Known for his minimalist style and his leather pieces, he launched his brand in 1994 in Los Angeles and he presented it for the first time on the New York catwalk shows in 2002. Then, in 2003, he moved to Paris.  His avant-garde aesthetic has garnered an extraordinary cult following. Owens' rock-inspired designs have wowed the fashion crowd. His "glamour-meets-grunge" collections center on luxe leather jackets, directional dresses and urban knitwear. 

  • Rochas

    Rochas, 90 years of modernity. Marcel Rochas created a unique vision of femininity. A style of femininity that is comfortable, nice to wear, but also sumptuous to look at. And always, the essential values of the Maison: a bold spirit, joie de vivre and elegance.

  • Rose et Marius

    Sometimes a simple childhood memory is sufficient to model a life – a memory buried deep in the heart, like an indelible mark which ends up shaping a destiny. The destiny of Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard is tied to certain scents. Those that greeted her arrival in Provence, reminiscent of delightful strolls at dusk when the hills exhale the earth’s vapours.

    A singular and authentic story which she shares through exceptional perfumes. Perfumed objects decorated with patterns inspired by the cement floor tiles that decorated the family home where she used to play as a child, conceived as modern day jewels to make your daily life more beautiful.


    Sacai is a Japanese label that was established by Chitose Abe in 1999. Prior to founding Sacai, Abe worked for 8 years at Comme des Garçons as a pattern cutter under Rei Kawakubo and later as a member of Junya Watanabe’s design team. The lines, textures and patterns bring an elegant look to these pieces full of fantasy.

  • Saint Laurent

    Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to introduce the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter with the 1966 ‘Rive Gauche’ collection, synonymous with youth and freedom. Yves Saint Laurent continues to position itself at the summit of the luxury universe.


    Serax adds personality to your interior, creates a cocooning atmosphere and forges unforgettable moments at the table. All our collections are produced in an artisanal way, in close collaboration with the most passionate designers from around the world. From Vietnam to Antwerp via Portugal, our artisans from all over the world craft our objects with care and skill, without ever losing sight of the main line of the original concept. All the items in our collections are therefore unique in their form, style and materials. Serax seeks every day the expression of beauty, things which embellish life, which create a home evoking happiness. Serax is about living, sharing and discovering ...

  • Simon Miller

    Under the creative direction of collaborators Daniel Corrigan and Jake Sargent, Simon Miller - cult favorite denim designer - the brand reinvents denim : high-luxury incarnations featuring reinvented tailoring techniques, innovative washes and indigo dye processes, and tastefully quirky patchwork detailing in order to create unique collections. 


    Born in Dublin in 1986, Simone Rocha studied fashion at the National College of Art in Dublin before taking a course at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London. She presents her very first collection in 2012 by imagining creations that are both audacious and romantic. Between embroidery, transparency effects and aerial materials, the Simone Rocha collections seem to find the perfect balance between minimalism and avant-gardism, delicacy and style.


    Nick Wakeman launched Studio Nicholson in 2010 with an education from Chelsea School of Art and a distinguished two-decade career in menswear design behind her. The label’s focus is on premium fabrics, with inspiration coming from the architecture and interiors of Japan, where the designer has a strong following. Each piece combines comfort and function with clean, modern construction and essential silhouettes are updated in organic hues to create understated investments that will take you from season to season.


    Nicknamed 'the T-shirt master', Alexander Wang is every It girl's go-to for louche, model-off-duty looks. The New York-based designer has built a loyal following for his grunge-cool style mantra. Fall for the label's sleek directional tailoring, must-have bags and relaxed separates with a sporty spin.

  • T by Alexander Wang

    Nicknamed 'the T-shirt master', Alexander Wang is every It girl's go-to for louche, model-off-duty looks. The New York-based designer has built a loyal following for his grunge-cool style mantra. Fall for the label's sleek directional tailoring, must-have bags and relaxed separates with a sporty spin.

  • Terra Null

    Terra Null is a LA-based brand. Meticulous imperfect construction reflect a fondness for Japanese production methods, while the spirit of the brand, which is cut, sewn, designed and washed entirely in Los Angeles, nods west, to shoegaze, post-punk and no-wave.
    Founded by wash visionary, Lukus Eichmann, Terra Null leverages elite mills, laundries and production houses to craft singular garments using one-off processes. Terra Null is unfiltered and pure; a presentation what the finest garment studio in the world has to offer.


     Born in Pennsylvania in 1965, Thom Browne graduates from the University of Notre Dame in 1988 with a business degree. After attempting to be an actor, he embarks on a fashion career in 1997 by working with a tailor in New York. His early experiences include Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren at Club Monaco. In 2001 he opens a bespoke tailoring shop in New York City’s Tribeca. His style, rooted in a truly American sensibility and inspired by icons of the late 1950s and early 1960s, updates classic silhouettes with unexpected proportions. Having gained a solid reputation for the distinctive structure and fit of his suits, he introduces his ready-to-wear collection in 2004. The success is immediate: in 2005 he wins a CFDA mentorship and he is awarded CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year in 2006.

    The same year he is approached by Brooks Brothers to guest design its new Black Fleece collection. This is followed by a collaboration with Harry Winston on a men jewelry collection in 2007 and a partnership with French skiwear company Moncler in 2008 to design Gamme Bleu, the men’s counterpart to its upscale women’s line, Gamme Rouge.

    In 2010, he sets himself the challenge to translate his tailored-retro aesthetic into womenswear and presents an engaging first women’ collection.

  • Tod's

    Tod's Gommino driving shoes in natural leather with exposed hand stitching, hot-stamped monogram, shoelace clasps and iconic rubber pebble outsole.

  • Valentino

    Valentino was founded by Valentino Garavani in 1957. The brand is synonymous of Italian elegance and extremely fine work. Ready-to-wear and accessories collections characterized by delicate detailing and derstated embellishments. 

  • Vetements

    Vetements is a young brand founded by seven unknown designer.  The collective combines luxury codes and underground cultures and uses clothes from second hand shop, military shops or flee markets, they cut them and twist them and they become between their hands, real designer clothes.


    Youths In Balaclava is the panic and hysteria of a nation on the brink of a war.

    We began as teenagers who crossed paths along the walk of life and stumbled upon an idea. We’re still walking...–walk with us if you must. Amongst our colourful palette we have: soldiers, students, policemen, skateboarders, photographers, writers, and even more– all bound by driving desires to contribute a verse to the powerful play of life.

    We were founded on the cemeteries of the artists we hold dear to our hearts.

    A collective effort was made to stir up the youths of today– to create, to feel, and to live. To don the balaclava is to unite and celebrate expression. We believe it is vital to remind jaded youths that they have the chance to listen and to be heard.



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